Central Park Headquarters

Location: Tel Aviv
Total floor area: 570 sqm
Program: Office space

MDF Italia stand Salone 2024
When it comes to minimalist design, we aspire to find the added value, the added layer and the extra unique effect that gives the minimalist design depth.
It’s about the tension between balance and unbalance, between what’s solid on ground and what’s floating in space with a kind of magic, as with a geometric or physical puzzle.
We tried to create drama and worked on the intersection between the wall and the ceiling and the geometrical connection between them. the way in which a wall is placed on a wall and reached to a very minimalist design that is dynamic and restrained.
We think that the world has become very dynamic while we are looking to achieve two opposing values at the same time- We try to find peace in the chaos and turn down the volume in our natural environment of the home or office. On the other hand, we think that in such a world where everything is dynamic, young and rhythmic in a 24/7 life, it is also right to look for new tension.
In the new seam we found between the pure silence and meditativeness and the dynamic kicking life, the new DNA of mdf Italia was created. It is expressed in the new tables with angles that can be connected, in the new sofa of Snohetta, which knows how to produce movement and different configurations and allows for a variable combination of tables.