In today’s dynamic world, designing products that adapt to change is essential.
Design and functionality must go hand in hand to offer life to solutions that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also able to adapt to the transformations we are witnessing. This contributed to change and redraw domestic and working spaces: people work in a pub, at home or share common workspaces.

Divide IT was created to meet these needs.
Designed by the Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem, who has already created the Mirror Lines collection for MDF Italia and signed several stunning residential projects, it is a dynamic product that adapts to every requirement and allows you to divide working spaces and home environments. At the same time, it maintains the sense of contiguity between adjacent rooms and creates suggestive and elegant perceptions.

Divide IT is a furniture complement that moves easily and can change position at any time the user wishes. Available in two different sizes, it is composed of several panels which, rotating on an axis of 360 degrees, can be positioned to determine the passage of light and sound.
This rotation allows for endless possibilities of partition, transition, and diffusion.

A simple solution, still with strong identity: used individually or in combination with other dimensional and color variations, it allows you to create new spaces within environments without resorting to a fixed separation.

Function: Movable partition
Material: Aluminum, steel, polyurethane
Year: 2020
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