Floating Roof House

Total site area: 8000 sqm
Total floor area: 1400 sqm
Design: 2016 – 2023
Program: Single family house

Location: Tel Aviv
Design Team: Shirley Marco, Irene Goldberg, Pitsou Kedem
Lot Area: 8000 square meters
Total Floor Area: 1400 square meters
Year of Completion: 2023


Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, this one-story house welcomes visitors with a particularly impressive 76-meter-long façade. A sloping concrete causeway leads inside through a white geometric mashrabiya that stretches across the entire length of the façade and a bare concrete wall that echoes it while offering privacy. A lush sunken courtyard inhabits the space formed between the airy lattice and the concrete wall, allowing light into the basement level, which serves as a home spa complete with an Olympic-size swimming pool. The spa wall that runs along the pool’s length is characterized by diagonal geometry that echoes the roof and is covered with aluminum, reflecting the patterns of light in the pool water.

The floating effect is reiterated in the roof, which is almost completely detached from the house’s walls and seems to hover above the structure. The roof is characterized by a distinctive geometric structure that protrudes beyond the walls of the house. No less than 47 skylights in varying sizes and shapes were incorporated in the ceiling of the central space as an additional source of natural light.