House Of Parties

Total plot area: 1300 sqm
Site floor: 450 sqm
Design & Built2012-2014
Program: single family house

When we want to go to a party, we usually have to leave the house. This couple wanted to combine two functions into the same space. A home for a family of five with three young children and a home that allowed them to hold a party and entertain their guests.

The central space was constructed as a unit that allows for the total nullification of the walls between the space and the outside. Glass display windows on both sides are pulled back into one side thus allowing the space, which is constructed so as to be at the center of the plot, to totally blend in with both the front and the rear courtyards.

The space itself is a double space reaching up to a height of six meters overlooked by a bridge leading from the staircase to the bedrooms. The space’s central element is a wall along which there is a six meter high vine cooler full of wine. Using a ladder, all of the cooler’s shelves are accessible and usable. Next to the cooler, there is a bar designed as a piece of sculpture. The bar isbuilt using unique angles that allow guests to sit together informally.

In order to allow the space to be dynamic, an aluminum framework was constructed around the upper windows. The framework was made of different shapes that regulate the light entering into the space, creating a flow of light and shade throughout the day, almost a party comprised of shadows dancing in the space.

The pergola that cools the outside seating area was created to act as a “negative” to the upper aluminum window frames and also to create, on the outside floor, shadow projections that correspond with the play of shadows within the house. During the hours of darkness, the frames become a filter for the artificial light from within as it flows into the outside thus creating a unique element of light on both the front and the rear facades.

The building consists of two sections. The “party” section that we have already described, and the “family” section that is for the bedrooms and other family activities. The bridge connects the two sections and also allows for a visual connection between the spaces.

Reflection pools located at the home’s entrance further increase the experience and the drama as people walk from the outside to the inside of this home.