mdf italia showroom

The design process for the showroom arose from an aspiration to create a soft and all-encompassing environment where walls and free-standing room dividers would taper away in fluid and flexible lines, subtly hinting at MDF Italia’s DNA.

The envelope is constructed of a concrete material in a variable rhythm of solid walls whose linear perforation turns them into supple louvres creating movement and drama. From the outside, the louvres provide a glimpse into the interior space and its displays and, in so doing, create curiosity and draw people into the showroom. In contrast, looking through the louvres from within the showroom offers a glimpse into the company’s offices and intensifies the association with the MDF brand.

To encourage visitors to touch and directly interact with the furniture itself, the display spaces are designed on a human scale with a curvilinear line wrapping the space to link the human dimension and the minimalist line that epitomises MDF Italia.

We used the sensuous and wavy form of the walls to demarcate spaces on one side of the space, while inviting the visitor to move across to the other. In this way, we created movement and a means to lead visitors between the different spaces.

To set the stage and enhance the MDF pieces on display, the decision was taken to use a timeless material such as concrete and not to introduce any other material. In consequence, the space serves as a blank canvas against which to showcase and accent the MDF furniture and decorative items in the changing displays.